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First week of spring

20. March 2012

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This week has marked  the first day of spring . Temperatures are rising and days are getting longer at last in the UK. Great to think that we have six months growing time to look forward in the Northern hemisphere and hopefully some lovely sunny days in our gardens. Who knows what the next few […]

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Food Gardening with Attitude

19. March 2012

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Food Gardening with Attitude

Cultivating your food gardening attitude Here are some inspirational words for growing your own produce from  Australian Peter Kearney of City Food Growers It is very easy to be consumed by all the tasks and challenges of growing food with organic methods. In fact, for many gardeners, their early excitement fades as the challenges mount. […]

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Hedgehogs affected by climate change

16. March 2012

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Gardening is not just about caring for our plants but should also include helping eco-systems to thrive which includes the birds, insects and animals that co-exist in many of our gardens. Hedgehogs are being seriously challenged by our changing climate and gardeners can help find out if hedgehogs are emerging from hibernation earlier because of […]

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Planet under Pressure

15. March 2012

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Our Planet is Under Pressure and a major international conference in London from 26-29 March will use this name to focus on solutions to the global sustainability challenge. The Met Office will be attending along with many other impressive international  organisations and speakers. The aim is to explore how to work together to manage climate-related […]

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Kew Gardens Adopt a seed for Mothers Day

15. March 2012

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Mothers Day gifts are always a challenge. Forget the smelly soaps and box of chocolates – choose something that will last forever:

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Hosepipe ban to hit gardeners

14. March 2012

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The Guardian provides excellent reports on the current lack of water in the South of England: “The government has declared drought in the southeast and warned that other parts of the country are in danger of drying up, too. For two winters in a row the UK has had unseasonably low rainfall. Now the government, […]

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RHS records weather woes

3. March 2012

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The RHS Advisory Department experienced its busiest year in 2011, receiving more than 60000 enquiries from its members- a record breaker. The team of RHS experts solved myriad enquiries which ranged from problems associated with pests and diseases to plant identification. Many of the queries pertained to the unpredictable temperatures throughout the year. Chief Horticultural […]

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Australian and New Zealand plants

1. March 2012

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Gardeners who have visited down under and been inspired by the plants they saw might like to know that there are a remarkable number of plants from Australia and New Zealand which thrive in British gardens. For many years they were treated with some suspicion as ‘borderline’ or ‘tender’ plants not worth the risk. With […]

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