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Sir David Attenborough reflects on climate change

30. August 2011

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Sir David Attenborough has used his skill as a broadcaster to clearly show some key facts about climate change in this short video. It may not contain all the evidence of his usual hour long documentaies but the fact that such a great man has put his name to this piece of film on You Tube suggests to me that he wants to make sure we […]

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River Cottage Veg Every Day

29. August 2011

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Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, my favourite culinary guru and renowned grow your own advocate, is launching a new book that encourages vegetable eating. He confirms that this is not just good for our bodies but also much better for the planet: “How can we eat really well every day without contributing to global warming, the suffering of animals or the […]

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Climate change trees

28. August 2011

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 An experiment is under way to find the garden trees of the future, able to withstand the extremes of weather brought about by climate change and potentially replace any of today’s garden favourites which may not survive.These beautiful trees on Hampstead Heath in London have provided a shady place to sit and ponder the beauty […]

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I don’t dig peat

27. August 2011

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The Ecologist Magazine has launched a website at to encourage gardeners to take action now and make the ‘Peat-Free Promise’. They are using the site to educate people on how to garden successfully without peat, and visitors can access a whole host of information about peat-free alternatives, such as leaf mould and composted bark, and simple peat-free compost […]

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Bank Holiday garden visit

26. August 2011


If the heavy rain is getting you down and you yearn for some colour and heat in the garden this weekend, take a trip to Norwich in East Anglia to sample the delights of a subtropical garden in a temperate climate. Will Giles opens his wonderful Exotic Garden every Sunday from late June until 23rd October between 1-5pm and […]

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Hurricane Irene and climate change

26. August 2011

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Hurricane Irene is the first major hurricane of the 2011 season and is currently a category three storm, packing winds of 115mph (185km/h), and  now 580 miles (933km) wide. A state of emergency has now been declared in five American states.John Cangialosi from the National Hurricane Centre in Florida, told the BBC the storm was “what […]

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London Edible Gardens Open Day

24. August 2011

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Over 40 of London’s community food-growing gardens will be opening their gates to the public in September, resulting in the largest opening of food-growing spaces on a single day for any one city in the UK! On Saturday, 3rd September 2011 members of Capital Growth are inviting Londoners to explore their neighbourhood growing spaces. Many […]

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Early autumn in uk

23. August 2011

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Over the past 24 hours it seems that summer has come to an abrupt end and autumn is creeping upon us. There has been heavy rain with mist and fog here in the South East  and the leaves on many trees are already changing colour before September has even arrived. Guy Barter, chief horticultural adviser […]

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Elephants Ears

20. August 2011

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Keeping with the exotic theme here is one of my favourite plants that copes well with heavy rain and muggy atmospeheres interspersed with sunny moments.If you prefer the Latin name they are known as Colocasia Esculenta This is an absolutely fabulous exotic with enormous leaves up to 30cm across by 90cm long. The leaves are held on thick […]

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UK summer heaven for hibiscus

19. August 2011

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After heavy monsoon style rain in southern england yesterday, today delivered a beautiful sunny day with one of those bright blue skies that make the garden look even greener.Heavy rain followed by sunny days is great news for my beautiful red tropical hibiscus that is literally “glowing” in my garden. There are two types of hibiscus , the hardy ones can […]

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