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Kew branches out

25. May 2008

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Kew branches out

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is THE place to visit in London if you want to see the world’s largest collection of 40,000 plants. I was at Kew yesterday to witness the opening of the new Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway which adds new meaning to the expression – a bird’s eye view! Balancing […]

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Biodiversity at Chelsea Flower Show

24. May 2008


More palm trees in England may please some of the people some of the time but, it is equally important for gardeners to understand how biodiversity is crucial for preserving our natural fauna and wildlife. As well as adapting our gardens to climate change, the issue of biodiversity will always be a key area for […]

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Global Chelsea

23. May 2008

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The Chelsea Flower Show may take place in London but it receives visitors and media coverage from all around the world. It is an international event that sows seeds of inspiration for the global horticultural scene. Climate change in the garden is certainly one of the key issues that concerns gardeners wherever they may live. […]

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Chelsea Flower Show – Green Gardens

22. May 2008

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The greenest gardens and exhibitors at the Chelsea Flower Show for me are those that use planting ideas based around the changing climate with its rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall. An exhibit that captures this concept extremely well was created by the University of East Anglia where I used to be a student. UEA has […]

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Climate Change at Chelsea Flower Show

16. May 2008

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The RHS Chelsea Flower Show runs from May 20-24 at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, and, it appears that climate change is the buzz word for this year’s exhibitors. Chelsea sets the horticultural trends in the UK and it is excellent news that the show is sending out as many green messages as possible to […]

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Trees under threat

16. May 2008

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The United Nations Environment Programme has just announced that it is planning to plant 7 billion trees before the end of 2008 in an effort to absorb CO2 and slow down climate change. If enough of them are planted it may be possible to make a difference and reverse some of the effects of deforestation […]

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Carbon Soil Issues

14. May 2008

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Yesterday I listened to the current Radio 4 series called A Sun Parched Country which tells how Australia is dealing with climate change and severe drought. This week’s programme told the fascinating story about Australian farmers locking up carbon in the atmosphere by fostering deep-rooted plant species on land used for agriculture. It explained how […]

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